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  • Practices on the privacy policy is strictly adhered to by MedeMedia and is applied solely to the information gathered by the website.
  • Access to the DATA collected through variable means i.e. via email or voluntarily submitted, are in the hands of the owners only of this website.
  • Any information or data collected are absolutely secured with MedeMedia
  • MedeMedia does not share its data with any organization whatsoever
  • We do not distribute, trade, sell or rent any data to anyone
  • Privacy and Security is guaranteed
  • Information regarding the IP address, personal details, referral address, operating browser as well as email id is not stored in our record
  • Information are used only after verifying the details of the user on call or through email and reasons for which they contacted us
  • Information are not shared with THIRD PARTY unless to meet your purpose, demand or request e.g to ship an order
  • We request you to input your information on the Order Form as desired
  • The information will include your Name, address, phone number, email ID for shipping an order as well as Credit Card details with expiry date for billing purpose
  • In case of any difficulty while processing your order, MedeMedia will use the information to contact you in executing any order or for future reference in regard to any order placed with MedeMedia

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